World Views – Concepts of Space and Time

The conception of the principles of time and space have developed differently in all cultures. While the surrounding landscape offers orientation points in space, the alternation of light and dark gives a first feeling of change before phenomena are seen in the sky, which also change and recur again and again and thus evoke a feeling of time sequences. The landscapes are different, offering different anchors to the human sense of orientation. The observation of the sky, on the other hand, allows the universal possibility of orientation, the same for all cultures. However, the measurement of time as it develops is culture-specific. Within the framework of the research network of the Upper Rhine Universities CBR in the field of Classical and Ancient Studies, we want to investigate the culture-specific characteristics of concepts of space and time in an interdisciplinary way. In particular, the role of the concepts of space and time and their interrelations in different cultures of antiquity in the creation of socially binding worldviews will be examined. On the other hand, it is necessary to develop a transdisciplinary platform of theory and methods for cultures whose ideas and worldviews emerged before the worldview changed by Isaac Newton. For further information, please contact Astrid Möller (